MSA Legend and Legend XL - Maple body (click for pictures of MSA Legend)

MSA Studio Pro - Maple body (click for pictures of MSA Studio Pro)

COLORS (Click here for pictures from our Custom Shop)

All MSA guitars are available in a wide variety of MSA Ultra finishes including candies, pearls, bursts, solids and metallics. Legend guitars are also available with Giles custom finishes.  All have a topcoat finish of clear two-part epoxy. VERY DURABLE!

All MSA pedal steels include the following standard features:

  • 4 raise, 3 lower changer
  • Easy-change undercarriage with 13-position bell cranks and easily removable shafts
  • Quick-change pickups
  • Adjust on-the-fly pedal rods
  • Split tuners on every string
  • 24 1/4 inch scale
  • Red Dirt Cases

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